Saturday, 12 November 2011

Women Are Now Making Inroads Into The Top Positions Of The CIA

At CIA, The Glass Ceiling Shows Its Cracks -- Washington Post

If there is a glass ceiling at the CIA, it appears to have moved up a few floors.

Women are still outnumbered by men in the suite of executive offices on the famed 7th floor of agency headquarters.

But, with the recent appointment of a woman as the head of public affairs, five of the agency's highest-ranking jobs are now held by women, a higher number than at any time in CIA history.

Among them are V. Sue Bromley, who took over day-to-day operations this year and holds the No. 3 job; Fran Moore, who leads the analytic branch; Meroe Park, head of human resources; Jeanne Tisinger, who oversees the agency's computer and information systems; and Cynthia Rapp, the new head of public affairs.

A decade ago, there were no women serving as the head of any of the agency's branches.


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